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    Wallpeople works to take the creativity of people like you to the street, cialis by unique, free and unpredictable exhibitions. Our main goal is to keep evolving and organizing new events all around the world. We dedicate a lot of time and efforts to get ahead Wallpeople, a project that is bigger year after year and we develop without financial assistance.

    So, if you like our project, you can support it with a donation which will be a great help. All the donations received will be used to cover the basic expenses of the organization. With a little support, the empty walls of the world would be filled up with art: you art. Thank you very much : )

    - Pablo Quijano y David Marcos -
    Creatives of Wallpeople


    Please, consider that:
    . Any donation would be valid starting at 1€
    . Contributions could be done by Paypal or credit card.
    . Paypal charges a small commission for each donation (about 2%).