Wallpeople 2012: How to participate?

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    Next 9th June 30 cities around the world will join together for one purpose: to express their ideas freely. For one day, anonymous people will be the real protagonists of a very special exhibition. A street wall will become a makeshift outdoor gallery where all participants may exhibit their own works and observe the others.

    To shape a thought, write a tale, draw, take photos, print a T-shirt… There are countless ways to externalize a feeling or a thought, and people need to express themselves more than ever. Through ‘Express yourself’, Wallpeople wants people to express their ideas and share them in a public area. In past editions of Wallpeople, walls around the world were filled with pictures. This time there will be free personal and genuine creations instead. The technique or the subject won’t matter, only they must be able to be placed on a wall with adhesive tape or Blu tack.

    At the same time, the event provides an opportunity for anonymous artists and creators in the city to have a greater importance, and to give them the chance to interact personally among themselves.How will participants surprise us?

    How to participate in Wallpeople 2012: ‘Express Yourself’

    • Inside the Official Facebook Page there are the different events for each city, where you will find the exact time and place to go.
    • On Saturday 9th June 2012, go to the right place with at least one work created by you. Anyone is invited to participate.
    • Works will be accepted in any format and theme: drawing, painting, illustration, photography, collage, comics, paper, cardboard, wood (light), fabric, crochet, prints, mixed compositions, plates, postcards, crafts, origami, a napkin, a post-it, a poem, etc.
    • Not Accepted: Works by more than 1×1 meters. Heavy works that can not be fixed with adhesive tape or glue or need to be hung with nails (not allowed to pierce the wall) and works with discriminatory content.
    • The time of the wall creation and duration of exposure shall be indicated on the Facebook event and will depend on each city. It is an ephemeral action and will only last a few hours.
    • The organization will have adhesive tape for attendees to stick their works. Still, we recommend to bring your own adhesive tape or glue (Blu Tack) to facilitate the process.
    • Stick your work next to another one and keeping a small margin. Respect the other creations.
    • Once the mural is completed and after a time of exhibition, the organization will notice the end of exposure.
    • At that time, you will be able to withdraw your work/s.
    • If you want, you can exchange your work for that of another participant and so become mural in a more interactive experience. You can also leave it hanging until a participant takes it/them away.

    Cities 2012

    Barcelona, Lisbon, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bilbao, Santiago, Chile, Rome, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Palma de Mallorca, Toronto, Lleida, Guayaquil, Panama, Warsaw, Bratislava, Caracas, Madrid , Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Porto, New York, Lima, Berlin, Malaga, Istanbul, Leon, Monterrey, Valencia, Rio de Janeiro y Miami.

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