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    Wallpeople achieves that around 5.000 people show their art and their ideas into walls all around the world

    • Under the slogan ‘Express yourself’, remedy all kind of people have vindicated city spaces as a way to expression and interaction.
    • The urban art project Wallpeople has taken placed in 26 cities of the world at the same time.

    Last 9th of June, physician 26 cities all over the world have join forces for an aim: to freely express themselves through their art. During a day, case the man on the street, artist or not, has been the main character of a collective special exhibition. Empty walls have become into improvised outdoor art galleries, where every assistant has shown his works and admired others.

    This year, the participating cities have been: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Leon, Bilbao, Palma de Majorca, Lisbon, Porto, Roma, Budapest, Berlin, Istanbul, New York, Miami, Toronto, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Mexico D.F., Monterrey, Guayaquil, Panama, Caracas, Bogotá and Rio. There have been more than 5.000 participants in total, who have shown about 5.500 creations.

    In order to encourage the free creativity, the event “Express yourself” was opened to all kind of shapes and subjects. There was only one requirement: works had to be able to be pinned up with glue or adhesive tape, to avoid damaging the wall. In past events, the walls were covered with pictures. This year, however, diversity has been the crux of the event and assistants could see as many different styles and formats as people were participating.

    Wallpeople Bilbao 2012

    More than just pictures and some other surprises

    Ideas, thoughts and feelings have a million ways to come to fruition. That’s the reason why we have wanted to erase all barriers this time and let participants to surprise us. More than ever before, people have a lot of things to say and need to express themselves in their own way. This type of events proves it, Pablo Quijano, co-founder of Wallpeople, says.

    The people taking part in our event have beaten our expectations: apart from illustrations, pictures or drawings, they have managed to show works of a wide range of formats such as sculptures, mobiles, plastic objects, vinyl records, patches, t-shirts or pottery, says David Marcos, co-founder of Wallpeople.

    Also the content has been heterogeneous: optimistic messages, vindicating sentences, personal thoughts and illustrations of diverse characters, places or feelings.

    In all the events, people enjoyed an optimistic and festive atmosphere. Even people who were passing by joined the event, and created and showed their ideas through improvised works made at that right moment. As every year, there was a good communication and complicity between all participating people: they have talked, and shared their works and even their personal details —maybe to create some cooperative work in a future. Once again, it is proved that interaction and a free spirit are key elements of this project.

    Wallpeople 2012

    Collaborative art without frontiers

    Wallpeople has more and more supporters each year. In its first edition, it took place in 10 cities and, in this 3th event, 26 cities have participated, with Buenos Aires, Berlin, New York or Toronto among them.

    In our project, we use all the tools that Internet offers us to manage and promote events which will be turned into real and physical experiences. That may be the point that has attracted so many people of all over the world to our project.

    We live in a really digitalized, and sometimes dehumanized, society. Thus, our proposal goes against the current, since we are asking people to create thing with their own hands, to move away from their computer screen and to move. And we got this answer: thousands of people willing to create and show their ideas out of internet, prepared to have a real interaction, which is something we are losing more and more. Fortunately, the result has been truly positive, declares David Marcos.

    New cities have got in touch with Wallpeople to join the project and participate in future editions. Thus, it is sure that people will go on to show their art on the street, at least once a year.

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