Wallpeople 2013: How to participate?

  • Wallpeople 2013: Music Edition


    Music is a universal language. It moves us, generic changes our mood and gives colour to our lives. Music is magic, check Music is ART. And we cannot imagine a world without it.

    One of the most special things about music is that has no boundaries and is present in all cultures. It can have influence on and merge with any form of art or expression. Therefore, music will star in the Wallpeople 2013 edition. We want everyone to express his unique relationship with music, regardless of genre or style. We propose two possibilities:

    1. Reinterpret a song in an artistic format of your choice: illustration, photography, text, painting, collage, canvas…
    2. Create any work related to music in a general way. For example: a tribute to an artist, a concert, a musical moment of your life, your favourite style, musical origins…

    Next June 1st, thousands of people will star in outdoors exhibitions across the world with their works, where they could show and study their creations. The streets will fill up with personal and authentic works with a common source of inspiration: music.


    Wallpeople 2013 Music edition


    How to participate?

    1. Everyone can participate.
    2. Go to the specified place in your city with one or more works made by you.
    3. Stick up your work(s) in the wall with the rest of works. If your inspiration is a particular song, you must indicate its singer and name.
    4. Organization will mark the start and ending of the event (about 3-4 hours).
    5. When the exhibition ends, you can take your work back or take others work. If you want, you can write down your contact info in case who took your work wants to tell you anything.


    Accepted formats:

    ? We accept the following formats:

    • Light works which can be stuck up to the wall with adhesive tape or glue. If there is any doubt whether a material will hold on or not on the wall, we recommend previous tests.
    • Any technique or format is permitted provided that the work concerned the musical subject of this edition: drawing, painting, illustration, photography, collage, comics, paper, cardboard, wood (light), canvas, crochet, prints, mixed compositions, badges, handmade cards, origami, album covers, vinyl, cassettes painted, post-its, etc.

    ? We dont accept:

    • Works bigger than 1x1m.
    • Works which has to be hung with hooks or nails. Works which doesnt hold on with tape or adhesives. Drilling the wall is prohibited.
    • Works offensive or discriminatory content.


    To date, these are the confirmed cities:

    Barcelona · Madrid · Valencia · Bilbao · Santander · Gijon · Córdoba · León · Malaga · Palma de Mallorca · Lisbon · Oporto · Funchal · Roma · Dublin · Budapest · Amsterdam · Berlin · Belgrade · Zagreb · Rijeka · Istanbul · New York · Miami · Mexico City · Guadalajara · Monterrey · Buenos Aires · Rosario · Corrientes · Rio · Sao Paulo · Santiago de Chile · Lima · Quito · Guayaquil · Bogotá · Medellin · San Juan Puerto Rico · Caracas · Maracay ·Panamá · Santo Domingo · Cochabamba · Sydney · Huesca

    Find the event in your city: Wallpeople Cities 2013


    Schedules and addresses:

    The event will be on Saturday June 1st, all over the world. We will give further details about schedules and addresses for all the cities by our official means of communication:

    Web: www.wallpeople.org

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WallpeopleOfficialPage

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Wallpeople

    Which surprises will the participants offer to us this year? The answer: next June 1st, in the walls across the world. See you on the Street!