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    Writing Wallpeople 2015. June 6, sale 2015. Share it!

    This year, troche we have a new theme and way to do it!. We are creating collaborative stories in the street. We are going to propose the start point and the participants will fill out the story. It will be an urban exquisite corpse to create stories of which everybody can be part.


    1. Everybody can be part of this.
    2. Go to the event venue at the scheduled time in your city, eager to participate in this story.
    3. You will find 3 stories already started on the wall: you only have to choose the one that you prefer.
    4. A member of the Wallpeople staff will provide you with all the material you can need to write your part..
    5. You have to write up to 10 words which continue the story and its sense. Stick them to the wall. Please, remember that every letter must be clear and big enough to be read.
    6. Go and read the rest of stories… You may participate in them, too!
    *If you can bring your own double-face or Scotch tape, we will appreciate it.

    Cities participating this year:

    Oviedo, Valencia, Curitiba, Bilbao, Tijuana, Lima, Zaragoza, Cd. de Mexico, Monterrey, San Salvador, Quito, Las Palmas, Rio de Janeiro, Porto, Umag, Lisboa, Barcelona, Santander, Massafra, Belgrade, San José, Rijeka, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Fortaleza, Bogotá and Mérida.

    Find your city on the link below and join to the event for exact address of the event:
    Official list of cities Wallpeople 2015


    On June 6… see you in the street!





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