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    Date: Saturday, cialis sale June 9, rx 2012

    Time: To confirm…

    Place: Governors Island (exact wall to be confirmed)

    Event in Facebook: Wallpeople New York


    How to participate:

    • On Saturday 9th June 2012, click go to the right place with at least one work created by you. Anyone is invited to participate.
    • Works will be accepted in any format and theme: drawing, painting, illustration, photography, collage, comics, paper, cardboard, wood (light), fabric, crochet, prints, mixed compositions, plates, postcards, crafts, origami, a napkin, a post-it, a poem, etc.
    • Not Accepted: Works by more than 1×1 meters. Heavy works that can not be fixed with adhesive tape or glue or need to be hung with nails (not allowed to pierce the wall) and works with discriminatory content.
    • It is an ephemeral action and will only last a few hours.
    • The organization will have adhesive tape for attendees to stick their works. Still, we recommend to bring your own adhesive tape or glue (Blu Tack) to facilitate the process.
    • Stick your work next to another one and keeping a small margin. Respect the other creations.
    • Once the mural is completed and after a time of exhibition, the organization will notice the end of exposure.
    • At that time, you will be able to withdraw your work/s.
    • If you want, you can exchange your work for that of another participant and so become mural in a more interactive experience. You can also leave it hanging until a participant takes it/them away.

    NOTE: It is possible that the event will be photographed to be shown in papers or in the Medias.

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    Wallpeople, es un proyecto cultural que acerca a las personas a crear y recrear, a ser parte de un momento y de un espacio urbano determinado, con la intención de componer una obra única, irrepetible y hecha por cientos de personas.

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